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Tough Morning

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Woke up this morning feeling tired and sore.  I think all the walking and last night’s Diamond Dallas Page Yoga session has caught up to me. I managed to haul my ass out of bed and started moving. Felt a little better.

Started my morning walk to the Max stop, I refer to this as my “Mad Max Walk”. It’s a little over a half mile. It’s a nice walk and an opportunity to grab some early morning fresh air.

While walking, I discovered a really sore muscle or maybe tendon above my ankle, on the inside of my left leg.  Feels super tight. I checked it out once I reached the train stop and it’s pretty hard to the touch and a little swollen.  Am I growing new super leg muscles?

Got on the standing room only train.  I will refer to this in the future as “train surfing” .  You just have to master your balance and ride out the crazy train operators driving. Anyway, after standing for 20 minutes, the top of my left thigh goes numb. Tried moving around as much as I could, but there wasn’t a lot of room to do that so I was left with the choice to get off the train or suck it up. I went down the suck it up path. By the time I reached my destination, I could not feel the top of my left thigh at all and limped off the Max train, neat! I managed to hobble may way into Starbucks and got it to wake up, but now my entire left leg is sore. Yay!

Did some Internet investigation on this leg numbing phenomenon, it turns out there is a condition called Meralgia Paresthesia due to the compression of a nerve that causes a numbing sensation to the outside of the thigh area. This condition is commonly experienced by pregnant women and obesity.

So there you have it, something else I can add to the goals list to conquer! Here’s to hoping my day gets better and I can forget about this tough morning, cheers!



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