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Week 16 Summary


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Hello everyone!

I had a great week!  I hit Mt. Tabor three times this week and incorporated the crazy stairs into my walk.  That is a butt burner!  I ate some really delicious foods and stayed within my calorie allowance. I feel really good about myself right now.  I have lots of energy and no inappropriate guilt.  It’s awesome!  Lets review the week.

Lessons Learned

  • Shell fish doesn’t have a lot of calories, it’s the melted butter that will get you!  I hit Red Lobster with my friend, Stacy last weekend for dinner.  I enjoyed lobster, crap and lots of shrimp.  It was a ton of food!  I went easy on the butter dipping and stayed way within my calorie intake and got to enjoy some popcorn at the movie later!
  • Mt. Tabor has lots of stairs.  I decided to incorporate some of the stairs at Mt. Tabor park into my walk.  Wow, feel the burn!  I am still a little slow at it, but I am doing it and I am actually enjoying it!
  • I have had this really weird worried feeling about losing weight.  I worry that I won’t be able to defend myself.  I know, totally weird right?  Like what am I thinking, my being overweight gives me an advantage if I get in a fight or something.  Really Marci?  I am not really sure where this is coming from.  Maybe a subconscious feeling due to my childhood abuse?  This feeling is really, really strange, but it’s been on my mind a lot.  During a conversation with my friend, Stacy about another friend getting into boxing, bells went off in my head.  I have been looking for something new and fun to add to my exercise routine and I have always been interested in Kickboxing.  So I have started investigating the Kickboxing options in Portland.  Maybe this will help me both physically and mentally.

Week 16 Goals Check

  • Stay hydrated and log it! “A+” – I drank all the water and logged it!
  • Maintain a 500-calorie per day deficit “A+” – Nailed it and ate some really awesome food this week.
  • 10,000 steps per day “B” – I achieved this 5 days this week, which is an improvement over last week.
  • Get off the MAX train one stop early every morning commute “A+” – I did it every day!
  • Walk home from the MAX stop 3 times per week “A” – Nailed it, three times!
  • Get out of my chair at work for more spins around the block “B” – I can do a better job at this and more often.  I need to come up for air and step away from the desk.  It was just so busy last week.
  • Yoga two times a week “C” –  I only got one day of Yoga in
  • Meditation 4 times per week “A+” – I got five days in this week!
  • Reflect on my goals daily “A” – I wrote them down, reflected and checked them off on my board.
  • Keep posting on my blog and Facebook “A+” – My face is all over social media when I’m working out.
  • One hiking/adventure day per week “A+” – Mt. Tabor and it’s stairs three times this week!
  • Lose 1 pound per week “A+” – I lost 1.1 pounds this week!

Week 17 Goals

  • Stay hydrated and log it.
  • Maintain a 500-calorie per day deficit while enjoying delicious food.
  • 10,000 steps per day.
  • Get off the MAX train one stop early every commute day.
  • Walk home from the MAX train stop 3 times per week.
  • Get of my chair for spin around the block at least 3 times a day.
  • Yoga two times a week.
  • Meditation 4 times a week.
  • Reflect on my goals daily and keep my vision board updated.
  • Keep posting on my blog and Facebook.
  • One hiking/adventure day per week.
  • Lose 1 pound per week.

Okay, so there are some mixed results there, but I still feel like I had a really great week.  This week was also measurement week, I lost 3 more inches and a total of 4.1 pounds last month, nice!  Good things are happening!  I’m feeling good about myself, which has always been a tough one for me.  I had some great walks and but burning stair time at Mt. Tabor this week.  I also got to reward myself with some yummy foods, while sticking to my calorie allotment.  This week, I will be spending some more quality time at Mt. Tabor, I love it up there.  I will also be busting my ass to get those 10k a day in this week!  Thanks for checking out my week 16 summary.  I appreciate all your support and love.  You guys rock!



6 Responses to Week 16 Summary

  1. Michael

    Great week! The great thing about Mt Tabor is that you can add to your workout and make it as hard or easy as you want. It’s so peaceful up there and I love the icy cold weather this morning! Keep up the great work!

  2. Sherri Dubay

    I continue to admire your strength and attitude towards reaching your goal! I always say you are amazing because it is true!!!

  3. Kimberly D'Amore

    You should definitely check out Portland City Boxing! The trainers are really nice and motivating – while they kick your butt, of course. Way to go on your progress – you’re killing it!

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