Hi everyone,

I’m not going to post in my normal format tonight.  It’s been a crappy week.  Still sick, seeing lots of doctors and trying to figure out what the hell my problem is.  In a nut shell, I’m having some sort of inner ear/sinus issue going on that causes my head to feel like it’s swelling up with mega pressure and then kicks in this vertigo issue that gets my head spinning so bad that I throw up.  Neat stuff!

Needless to say, moving does not help my situations what so ever, so I have been keeping pretty still. I’m on prescribed medication, but it doesn’t really seem to be helping.  I tried to go back into the office to work today, it started out okay, felt a little loopy but manageable, but then all of a sudden, I had another head spin out and ended up losing my breakfast.  I’m going back to the doctors tomorrow to see what the next steps are.  This is going on two weeks now, there has to be something that can help my situation so I can get passed this.

As far as hitting goals last week, I couldn’t really focus on that.  I can tell you that I have been drinking lots of water, I have been tracking all of my food and I haven’t gained or lost any weight, so I guess thats something.

Thanks for checking in and me and reading my sparse week 27 summary.  I will check in with you guys next week.  Please send me all your good loving, healing vibes, I need to shake this shit!

Here is a picture of a Fitbit step count moment I caught this week, 1234!  =)