Hey guys and gals,

Sorry, I don’t have much to report this week.  Both my husband and I have been down with the sickness.  Some sort of cold/flu nonsense that has my head all clogged up and feeling like it weighs 50 pounds along with a fabulous four day fever.  It also messed with my eye and made it swell up and cry non stop, weird!  Today is the first day I haven’t had the fever part, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it’s a good sign and that I’m on the mend.

I haven’t been paying attention to any goals this last week, just trying to get some rest and be well.  I did weigh in today, I haven’t lost or gained any weight so thats cool.

My one and only goal I am setting for this week is to rest and get better.  I’m finally going to return to the office tomorrow.  I’m hoping I can make  it through an entire day.

Thanks for checking in guys!  Send me the hubs all of your healing vibes please!

Here is a gross picture of me trying to stay positive with my wacky swollen eye.  Eww!