Hey guys,

Still not much to report, I’m STILL sick.  Finally went to doctor yesterday to make sure I’m going to live.  I have an upper respiratory infection and laryngitis.  Doctor wrote me off work for the rest of this week, and prescribed some meds.  The only thing I can do is rest and get better.  All I have felt like doing is sleeping, so that is pretty much what my life has been for the past couple of weeks.  Little bit of work followed by a couple hours of sleep.

I have continued logging my food and wearing my Fitbit for what it’s worth.  I’m trying to sustain some of the good habits that are within my control.  I did weigh in this week, I gained 1.8 pounds.  No surprise there.  I will work it off when I get better.

I decided that I am going to set some new goals for next week to help me focus more on wellness rather than fitness and weight loss.  Here they are:

Week 38 Goals

  • If I feel tired, I’m going to rest
  • Drink lots of fluids and keep myself hydrated
  • If I ever want to get my voice back, I need to shut up for now =)
  • Walk 4000 steps per day this week.
  • Track all of my food.
  • Meditate

Okay, so those aren’t goals to get me more fit or lose weight, but more to keep me sane and feel like I’m accomplishing something until I get well.  I think the 4000 steps per day is doable, I will just take little walks and try to enjoy some of this nice sunshine we have going on right now and get some fresh air.

I put the number one goal of getting rest up there because I feel lazy and then feel guilty for doing nothing and insist that I need to get going and do more things.  That thinking seems to just get me in more trouble.  I also I’m just going stir crazy because this crap has stuck around so long and just can’t stand sitting around.  BORING!  Anyway, thats where I’m at right now.  Hopefully I will get better soon and will be back to my normal self.  Thanks for checking in guys and Happy Spring!