Hello everyone!

My name is Marci, welcome to my home page!

Lets get this one out of the way, first question everyone asks, “mievil”?  It’s slang for my all time favorite Metallica song, “Am I Evil”. In case you haven’t guessed based on that tid bit of information, I am a huge Metallica fan!

A little bit of background about me, I’m a Wife, Mother, QE Software Engineer for eBay and just a super fun person to hang around with.  I love music, mostly everything (no country please).  I like to hang with my friends and co-workers (more friends). I love animals, we have three dogs and they are just like children to us.

I’m taking a life journey to find good health, happiness and peace of mind for myself, you are invited to follow along here:  The Long Journey

Thats all for now, thanks for visiting!