OMG you guys, I didn’t post on my blog Wednesday!

My apologies for this being so late, I have never missed this before!  Basically, this week went to shit.  I blew out my upper back and shoulders and haven’t been able to hardly move.  I have basically been in a drug induced coma all week trying to heal up.  Today will be the first entire day of not being on pain medication and the fog finally lifting from my mind.

The only thing I really did this week was drink tons of water and logged the food I ate, so I won’t go into the normal goals check, but I will set some goals for this week!

Year 1 Week 2 Goals:

  • Stay hydrated – I still want to research and quantify this a bit more.
  • 7,000 steps per day, until I am healed up
  • Track all my food intake and maintain a minimum of a 500 calorie per day deficit
  • Keep moving throughout the day – Get out of my chair at work for a walk a minimum of three times per day
  • Meditate 4 times per week
  • Do the exercises my doctor gave me daily to help my back
  • Reflect on my goals daily

Okay, so this week will focus on continuing to heal up.  I will get some walking in there, but not go totally crazy.  I may have to go to physical therapy if the at home exercise my doctor gave me don’t completely work, but I think I may be able to dodge that.  I am feeling a lot better than I was, but still hurting a little.  Cross your fingers for me, I hope to be back to my normal self next week!