Good evening!

This week has pretty much been in the crapper for me.  I have zero energy.  I have been keeping up with the food log, water and keeping my blog entry up to date each day, but that has been about it.  Have a lot going on at work and been dealing with some home repair crap this week.  I hope this week goes better!  Here is the break down.

Sunday D

I logged all of my food, hit my calorie deficit and drank tons of water. Didn’t do much of anything else. I weighed in and lost 2.7 pounds!  The previous week’s work payed off!

Monday B

Had a little bit better of a day as far as movement today.  Logged all my food, stayed within my calories and drank tons of water, still needed to drink more tho.  I hit 7 of my 12 hours of today, so need to do better there as well.

Tuesday B-

Not much movement today.  Spent most of my day sitting at my desk or in meetings.  Trying to get a big project wrapped up at work, so I have been just getting lost in my monitor at my desk and ignoring my Fitbit.  Naughty!  I did log all my food, hit my calorie deficit goal and stayed hydrated.

Wednesday C

Another day of hardly any movement.  I worked from home today, so that didn’t help.  Spent the day worrying about home repair and trying to get some work done.  I did log all of my food, stayed within my calorie deficit and stayed hydrated.  Kind of a stressful day, we are battling with our old furnace and trying to find parts for it.  UGH, I’m not ready for winter!

Thursday C+

It was another work from home day for furnace repair.  Not a lot of movement today.  I can’t wait for this week to be over!  Sounds like we may have a solution for the heat, so cross your fingers for us!  Otherwise we may have to put in a new furnace.  Boo!

Friday D

Not a good day.  Furnace drama continues.  Logged all of my food, but went over my calories.  I did keep myself hydrated.  Washed some dishes and forgot to put my Fitbit back on.  BLEEP!

Saturday C

Got some better movement in today, should have been more tho.  Didn’t get my adventure day in this week, that is a couple weeks in a row now.  Need to get some fresh air soon!  I did log all of my food, but I went a little bit over my calories.  Weighed in today, I didn’t gain or lose any weight.  Given how crazy this week has been, I will take it!  I’m so glad this week is over!

Week 17 Goals

  • Stay hydrated: 180 ounces per day
  • Log all of my food every day
  • Maintain a 500 calorie deficit every day
  • 10,000 steps per day
  • Get up and move: Hit my Fitbit 250 steps per hour from 7am to 7pm
  • Meditate 4 days per week
  • Reflect on my goals every day
  • Post in my Facebook groups every day
  • One adventure day per week
  • Lose 1 pound per week

Okay, so it’s been a pretty crappy week all the way around.  It’s been pretty stressful, I haven’t been sleeping well or moving that much.  I’m hoping this week will be better.  The furnace guy will be back out Monday morning to install the part that will hopefully fix the damn thing.  I need to move this week!  I also need to get out of the house and get some fresh mountain or sea air this week.  Deep cleansing breaths!  See you guys next week!