Hi guys! 

Last week I didn’t set any goals, I just later low for a while.  I’m feeling more like myself and I’m ready to get things moving again! 

Week 7 Goals:

  • Stay hydrated
  • 10,000 steps per day
  • Track all my food intake and maintain a minimum of a 500 calorie per day deficit
  • Keep moving throughout the day – Get out of my chair at work for a walk a minimum of three times per day
  • Meditate 4 times per week
  • Post on my blog and get those 10k posts up on Facebook
  • Reflect on my goals daily
  • One hiking and/or adventure this week.
  • Lose one pound per week.

Okay, I’m sucking it up and getting back out there. It’s going to be a a fast and furious week with the Chawny 2016 wedding happening this weekend.  I’m so excited! Okay, see you all next week!