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Year One!


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Well, I did it!  My long journey has taken me through an entire year.  AMAZING!

I spent some time this week reflecting on how and why I started this journey.  It was a year ago that I got back from my camping trip where I had a complete melt down and decided I need to make some real life changes and create some heathy, sustainable life changing habits.  I was fed up with how I felt as a person.  I had so much guilt and anxiety.   I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin or with my self image.  I just was not happy with me.

So much has changed over the last year.  I did not lose as much weight this year as I had hoped, but I think some more important things happened, I created some really good habits.  Here are the big ones for me:

1 – I started walking.  To me, the Fitbit is one of the greatest inventions on the planet.  I slapped that thing on my wrist and I was instantly connected to other friends and family with Fitbits that have helped support me in my endeavors this year and have helped me stay accountable.  It’s truly amazing how much simply walking is not only good exercise, but it did so much to increase my self confidence.  I love my Fitbit and my Fitbit family and would be truly lost without it.

2 – This blog.  I stuck with it and I feel really good about that.  When I started blogging about my long journey, I figured that it would be something to just help me keep on track and help keep myself accountable.  At the time, I had no idea it would become so huge.  I have had many people come up to me and tell me how much they look forward to reading it each week.  WOW!  That is really fucking cool, thank you!

3 – I hate to say this, but water has been a game changer for me.  For those of you that are close to me, you may recall a time were I bitched non-stop about how much I hated the taste and the feeling of drinking water.  I’m not kidding you, a year ago I was lucky to have had 1 glass of water a week. Seriously, it was either coffee, tea or diet sodas, lots and lots of diet sodas.  It took some time, but I am pleased to announce that I LOVE drinking water now.  It has done so much for my body.  My skin is nice and soft, it helps with hunger, my energy and stamina, it’s pretty amazing stuff.  I am off caffeine and diet sodas.  I occasionally enjoy a regular soda.  No more artificial sweetener bullshit.

4 – Not being afraid to try new things.  Looking back on my posts over the last year, I have tried so many different things to keep moving and get myself in better shape.  At first I was disappointed when I didn’t stick with it, but then I realized that I wasn’t sticking with it because some of these things just weren’t for me and THAT IS OKAY!  I’m still moving and I am still trying, some things are sticking.  The last thing I have been trying is returning to the gym.  Back in the day, I hated the gym.  I didn’t feel like I had a right to be there amongst all the beautiful fit people.  FUCK THAT.  Those people didn’t start that way (well not all of them anyway).  We all have to start somewhere.  I actually look forward to my gym time now.  The point is, trying different things has gotten me to where I am today.  I have more confidence and I’m willing to keep trying new things!

So now what?  What does this next year hold for me?  I will continue to blog, that is for sure.  I will continue setting goals each week.

What will I change?

I log all my food intake, but I don’t necessarily make the healthiest food choices.  I need to improve in that area.  I will be giving that some extra thought and attention on how I will make that change.

Exercise!  I will keep up with the walking, that works for me.  Right now the gym is working for me, but I think once I get more comfortable in that environment, I’m going to start looking for a personal trainer and see what I can do to up my game in a way that is productive, get results, but most importantly, be fun.

I’m sure there will be more things I will change as I continue to give this further thought and map out my short term and long term goals for this year.  In the meant time, how about I set some goals for this week.

Year 1 Week 1 Goals:

  • Drink a bunch of water.  I feel I need to quantify this more.  This week, I will be conducting some research to determine how much water is really enough.
  • 10,000 Steps per Day
  • Track all my food intake and maintain a minimum of a 500 calorie per day deficit focusing on healthier food choices (and determine what that is exactly)
  • Keep moving throughout the day – Get out of my chair at work for a walk a minimum of three times per day
  • Meditate 4 times per week
  • Workout at the gym 3 days per week
  • Reflect on my goals daily
  • Post on Facebook daily and this blog once per week
  • Go on one hike or adventure day this week
  • Lose one pound per week

Here we are, starting a new year of the long journey together!  Thank you everyone so much for strength and support.  Thus far, this has been an amazing journey and I am so lucky to have you all in my life.  I am very grateful.  I can’t wait to see what we all accomplish together this year! Stay tuned!








3 Responses to Year One!

  1. Amelia

    I can’t tell you how proud and inspired I am by you! I don’t normally comment but I am always reading and rooting for you. Congrats on making a full year!

  2. Jacob Dahlberg

    Congratulations on your success thus far and sticking with it! I’m sad I didn’t get to see this before but I’ll definitely check back on it to check out your progress!

    Much love and support!

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